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    Steve A

      Hi Adam,
      I spent some time the last few days watching videos and reading interviews featuring you about your profession.
      I especially liked the Tedx conference you spoke at, giving young people another angle on the music biz.
      However, I didn't find much about the specific software you use, except Ozone 4. (probably a later version by now).
      I also tried to look at the rack of gear in your setup, but the only thing I could make out was (I think) a massive passive eq...
      Would you be so kind as to give us a list of gear that you use? And a list of software you use in your profession?
      If that's a bit much, how about a list of what you use the most, and maybe an estimate of the ratio between gear and software that you (generally) use?

      I think it's pretty important for someone who might be considering a career in this field, to find out as much as possible about the tools of the trade.
      I also realize that all of this gear/software is just a means to an end, and that the real magic comes from knowing how to utilize these things.

      -Steve A

      Jared Sherman

        I am particularly interested in what his go to mastering chain is (be they hardware or software) and what additional pieces he uses for specific problem fixing. And then that brings me to what are the most common mix problems that you find yourself having to fix in mastering?

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        Adam Ayan

          Hi Steve and Jared,

          I apologize, but I do not share my mastering chain. That said, I will say that the Massive Passive EQ you (Steve) saw in my rack is one of my favorite EQs of all time, and I use it both in hardware and software. I am also partial to the Massenburg GML and MWD EQs (again both hardware and software). I can accomplish almost anything with those EQs 🙂

          Interestingly enough, I am staying almost entirely "in the box" these days. I have a great selection of analog and digital hardware to use, but I'm finding my software and plug-ins are my go to for almost everything lately.

          Steve - you hit on something very important at the end of your post. It's really not the gear, it's the engineer and his/her experience and talent that gets the job done! That said, the engineer also knows what gear to utilize.

          Jared - You asked a great question at the end of your post about common mix problems that need to be fixed in mastering. I think that one deserves it's own post/thread. If you set that up I will answer it within the next few days.



          Jared Sherman

            Thanks Adam. When you say you are mostly in the box; would you say that most of your masters are now entirely in the box? Or is there some piece(s) of outboard that you hold on to that you haven't found a plugin to do the job and therefore still use it on every master? You mentioned the Massive Passive plugin, so I assume you like to use UAD plugins at least some. What other plugins and/or manufacturers do you like to use a lot? How do you feel about UA plugins vs. other companies such as Softube, Plugin Alliance, etc.

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