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    Joerg Stagge

      Hello to all PLAP Members,

      I like to start some nice Project for all of you who may like to join in(Warren included hopefuly he like to join)
      From until today we have 2 month time to realize all together.. all energy is needed soo let's start now.
      A lot work is waiting for us :=) A lot Ideas needs to sort out, try outs, a lot failures who need correction, endless nights hehe...
      What is the goal : A not standard happy Birthday Song for a very special Person on this Planet. Which Person I will tell near at the end of this 2 month time.
      To respect neutral Engagement of everybody. No its not a friend or family member (and sorry also not Warren or his Wife hehe).
      Its a official Person in the Global Music Industry which I want to do a special gift with it:=)
      And who already know, this Person see PLAP done this together for personal minutes of joy...
      Wait for the result this person will give to all of us!!! and there will be a answer to it be shure!

        Soo main Ideas and open for discussion who ever like to join this collaboration.

      We can do a classic Happy Birthday Song..with the 3 normal text in it.. too simple I find ok?!?!
      soo here a link of a nice done happy Song for Birthday :

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaR31V5xBQ8 happy sound and like to dance :=) :=)
      here a more intense with good lyrics in it :
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xPNebK1MEg very good lyric for my opinion but not soo happy to let dance :=) may we find a better way for it :=)
      other links from you ? for examples post them please...

      its a idea of may Lyrics what we can use.
      from Sound it should be drive to let dance:=)

      next main Idea every PLAP Member can sing in this Song in his motherlanguage and with his Country typical Instrument!
      Australian may for idea with a Didgeridoo.
      A Irish Girl or Guy with uilleann pipes
      A begium may street organ
      A German classic acoustic guitar
      A US Guy may drum set or Keyboard strings
      A Northern Country may a Bandura
      Soo open for ideas to get soo much instruments together as possible
      any more instrumental ideas can be also MIDI programmed!!!

      Soo we need songwriter ideas
      Lyric with notes and a mastertrack where all go together on it. Should be final in Protools
      A may nice Video with Photos form all Members who participate in this song:=)
      Soo feel free which part you like to do...

      Write your answers here or to :
      [email protected]
      ASAP I will answer Questions and so on.. :=)

      lets have a lot of fun to Produce like a PRO

      Kind Regards
      Jörg or better JST

      Arthur Labus

        I have an idea, or at least a "reference track".
        Maybe something like this awesome project ?

        (starting at 2:10) take time, its incedible collage ...

        Joerg Stagge

          Aloha all,

          back for some Ideas for it...
          may we start classical with this :
          after change the style to rock and pop and also techno or house.. :=)

          for other than classical lyrics this one:

          may we do music for this lyrics...

          this is a must lyric or better must sing in it:

          for lyrics :

          ok thats for today


          Cranky EmU

            Happy to help you in any way I can Joerg, I can't play any instrumento but if there is anything else I can do to help your project just ask.

            Andrew (AKA Ajay)

              So sorry I missed this post mate.

              We need to be able to tag people in the forum pages somehow, to let everyone know ??

              Joerg Stagge

                This Project is closed. Person already Birthday Day gone soo...
                Feel realy bad dissapointed that the comunity is soo big and nobody interested in stuff like this...

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