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      I have zero affiliation with Warren Huart other than being a happy customer, I just wanted to say if you're on the fence about this and wondering if it's worth your time: go for it!

      I signed up for the general PLAP stuff a few days ago and was a bit overwhelmed when I went to get started on the first available mix practice, "Eternal Eyes". A lot of tracks and a lot of really talented forum members out with their great mixes.

      I'm about 3/4 through the Love Me I'm Rich lesson and have learnt so much from watching Warren work on this. Being able to follow along in my own Logic has been such a great experience in learning how to listen, what to listen for, how to make decisions along the way and being aware of what effects the changes I make have. Could not be happier!

      There's a little extra help with shortcuts and such if you're a ProTools user but aside from that the lesson has translated without any friction to Logic Pro X using stock* plugins as well.

      My only regret right now is that I realised last night I probably should have taken some notes along the way to remember everything I've done better. Thinking of doing a little review of what I've done so far tonight and make some notes so the lessons stick.

      Looking forward to being able to present my final mix here! I've been "copying" Warren's mix pretty much along the way but already I'm hearing differences so it'll be interesting for me to compare the final mix.

      * That's not entirely true, I did buy Valhalla Vintage Room ($50) and have used that for my reverbs on this track. You should be just fine with stock plugins too though.


        the mixing in the box (love me I'm rich) videos are absolutely incredible. +1 on what the guy said above!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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