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    Rich Zei

      Who's got some well priced solid plugs that everyone may not know of?

      I stumbled across these a little bit ago. the eessential bundle for $22 USD.

      I really like the De-Esser and the Gate. simple and effective.

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      Patrick Schindler

        Anything from Klanghelm(.com), but especially MJUC and SDRR. DC8C is great and amazingly versatile as well, but I have not used it to the same extend / potential as the other two yet.

        Klangfreund(.com) LUFS meter is a really cool and cheap LUFS meter with an automatic loudness adjustment feature, which can be very handy for various tasks, like not fooling yourself with "louder is better".

        From the top of my head other really good value for money stuff is offered by Stillwell, SKnote, Toneboosters and of course Tokyo Dawn.

        Mark Warner

          I use these nearly every mix.

          Overtone DSP - Pultec EQ and Fairchild 670
          Stillwell's Event Horizon (L2 Clone) this is Free for Reaper users

          Also free and excellent
          Lesley Sanford's Bass Tightener, Reverb and Delay. All three are excellent and well worth checking out. Currently I prefer these over some others I have purchased.

          Overtone DSP Dyn4000 this is a faithful reproduction of the SSL compressor/expander same as the one in Warren's SSL desk. I have been trying this out and will be purchasing it shortly.

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          Patrick Schindler

            Completely forgot about the Overtone DSP stuff. DYN4000 as well as their Pultec and Fairchild clone are pretty much on every mix. They sound good to me and very light on resources, too.

            Bianca Buhmann

              Here are my often used good value plug-ins:

              Tokyo Dawn Labs: TDR Nova + Slick EQ M + Slick EQ GE

              TB-Pro-Audio: DP-Meter II (free RMS + EBU metering)

              SKnote: Disto, Stagespace, Rev250 (very inexpensive plugins but Quinto sometimes cancels further development on some plug-ins ...on the other hand he is very helpful and friendly via email)

              MeldaProductions: MFreeBundle unlocked for 49,-- Euro (the Analyzer alone is worth it).

              MeldaProductions: MCompare (great tool for comparing different points in your chain (with level matching and delay compensation AND you can load many reference mixes in every format aiff, wav, mp3, flac, with level matching and sync too).

              LVC-Audio: PreAmped (13 preamps, 2 saturation algos, smooth EQ, Stereo control, clipper and up to 8x oversampling.)

              D16: Devastor2 ...i love it!

              Goodhertz: CanOpenerStudio (in my ears the best crossfeed simulation for headphones, MAC-AU only)

              i3: DSP-Quattro Audio Editing (MAC only, very friendly developer, helped me out in minutes with a beta version when i found a bug in DDP-Image-Module).

              Michael Hordorwich

                Cool mark i gotta check out the dyn4000 for sure.

                David Allen Hammond

                  This might be off topic, but I'm looking for a drum replacement plug. I've researched online and like the idea of Drumagog 5 since I can use my own samples, but there are quite a few out there. Price is a factor, just need something fairly simple to use that can use nonproprietary samples.
                  Any suggestions?

                  Arthur Labus

                    Few questions:
                    - your own samples - did you recorded and produced ?
                    - do you have any other library ?
                    - are the samples multilayered ? Round robin ?
                    - are you using any player for drums ? (KONTAKT for example)

                    Maybe we should start brand new thread ?

                    Joe G.

                      For drum replacement, check this out:

                      Doesn't use a proprietary format like Slate's Trigger 2, and at $69, is reasonable for the features it contains.

                      Tim Morris

                        What do you think of this offer..?


                        Joe G.

                          Don't use loops much, so the deal is no good for me. I like That Sound for drum samples -That Sound.

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                          David Allen Hammond

                            Thanks guys, I forgot to check the notify of follow up box, so my apologies for such a late response.
                            ARTHUR, I'm really full-neanderthal when it comes to synth stuff. I'm using Reason for some stuff, lots of refill packs, also Arsenal with a trigger finger pro, but it's just ponderous. I think I need remedial lessons in all things not acoustic. I have quite a few samples and many loops, not made by me, although I have stuff I'd like to pull off of recordings I've made in the past. I'm just needing to do drum replacement without tab to transient, past etc...

                            jspace24, the Trigga3 looks great, do you use it? I like That Sound, might sign up for that.

                            spark240 - That is a cool offer, may go for it when I get a proper replacement plug-in. Thanks.

                            Sh@t, should have started a new thread, thanks again for the suggestions.

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