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    Jacob Richter


      i've reading that some folks of you have the warm audio tb12 and wa76 like me. Could you gave some goto settings for female voice and acoustic guitar? especially for voice i feel the tb12 adds a little grittiness i don't know if i like it. And for the WA76 i'm honestly don't know really to set it...just do it by trial and error. Most time the voice is compressed to high.


      Warren Huart

        Hi Jacob, I don't know the Warm TB12, but I usually have around 20-30 db of gain on my mic pre for a vocal with most condenser mics, then adjust from there. As far as an 1176 clone, such as the Warm, I personally always use the fastest release time and then adjust my attack time accordingly. A ratio of 3:1 is pretty normal for me if the 1176 is the only compressor in the chain. However if I'm using two compressors then I might use the 1176 second and use it just to catch excessive peaks with a ratio of 20:1 if the singer is a screamer! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

        Jacob Richter

          Thx Warren for your opinion. I found a nice setting with slow attack and fast release for a quite female vocal voice. I use the WA76 as first compressor for peak reduction and after that ITB the MJUC for little coloration and last subtile compression.
          Just finished a song with your help and i feel for me i learn alot and my mixes sound more present.


            Hey! For the Tone Beast I tend to bypass the tone and output transformer, have the capacitors on Vintage. I try and leave the gain around half and set the output accordingly. On vocals I really don't like the TB12 as it adds a lot of high mid resonance and siblance somehow. I just bought a Goldenage Pre-73 MKIII for vocals and it's absolutely incredible!

            With the Tonebeast I try and keep it as transparent as possible as it can be quite a clear sounding preamp

            Jacob Richter

              thx for ysou're advice clancy!

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