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    Aaron Smith

      So I'm trying to turn this hobby into a way of making some money. I'm going back to being a student after the summer so if I could do this instead of working in a bar that would be great haha.

      I've got a basic set up - Macbook Pro, Focusrite 2i2, Pro Tools, SM57 and Rode NT1a as well as monitors and headphones. I've started to build my website and when thats up I'm going to start my Facebook, Twitter and get some business cards made up.

      My plan is to record and mix bands as my set up is easy enough to travel with, so either in my house or theirs, their rehearsal space etc. Only issue I can see is I only have two inputs, which may be an issue if I need to record drums.

      I also have access to a PA, mixer, mics etc so I'm looking at doing some live sound too. Should I attempt to put on my own gigs locally using this?

      My question really is any advice? Am I doing anything wrong or missing anything out? Do I need to buy any more equipment? Is this a good way of getting started?

      Tim Morris

        Hi. Firstly where are you based? whats the band scene like round there?

        Id say your much more geared towards solo artists / open mic nights at the moment if your going mobile, bands have such high expectation nowadays and you might struggle.

        Im not up on PT, I use Studio One and their interfaces and Capture software is perfect for what you want to do on the fly.

        If you want to record live rehearsals I think you will need more gear, but good luck with it anyway!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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