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    Gerald Bullard Jr

      Jacksonville, FL Home Studio

      Bassist/Vocalist for over 20 years. Mainly Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Rock, Blues and some Country and Pop. Almost exclusively covers but some originals over the years.

      Main DAW is Reaper, Secondary system is Pro Tools w Digi002 and Mac Pro Tower.

      My main gear is:

      • Console: SoundCraft GB8 48ch
      • Interfaces: PreSonus FirePod's 3x8 = 24 Tracks
      • PC: Quad Core Win10 w Dual GeForce GTX780 Video SLI & 16GB Ram
      • Near Field Monitors: Yamaha NS10M & Yamaha NS Sub
      • Main Vocal Mic: CAD E200 Dual Diaphragm
      • Kick Mic(s): Sennheiser e602 II (Inside) and Crown PZM (Outside)
      • Overheads: Lewitt LCT 240 Pro (Pair)
      • Guitar: SM57 and MXL R144 Ribbon

      Main Desk

      Rack Cab and Guitar Rack

      ProTools Rig

      Drums and Guitar Wall

      Mesa Rig

      Mark Beeson

        Nice studio Gerald. Lots of great guitars too.

        Gerald Bullard Jr

          Hey THANKS!!! Nice to meet ya!


            Hey Gerald something tells me your a guitar player haa haaa nice looking studio and gear


              I am mainly a drummer this is one of my kits  (Ludwig Classic Maple)  I use for live and studio

              I also have a tama kit and own numerous ludwig snare drums

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              Gerald Bullard Jr

                Dig the wood on that snare drum! Ha, actually I am a singing bassist that fronts his own band 😛 But yes I can play some guitar as well, but I learned bass/vox first then picked up some guitar out of necessity to write/record 🙂

                Brian O'Neill

                  Nice looking studio Gerald!

                  Gerald Bullard Jr

                    TY Brian 🙂

                    Nicholas Jackson

                      Lovely space thanks for sharing. Love the rack console idea.

                      Just a quickie, last time I left a guitar on a floor I trod on it and snapped the neck off.. it was a 1966 Gibson SG Custom.

                      Oh hang on, it's a carpet..

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