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      Hi all,

      I have a question for users of Sonimus Britson. I have inserted it on all my channels and use it as a gain staging tool just as Sonimus recommends on their site:

      Insert Britson Channel on all tracks of your project as a first insert
      Insert Britson Buss on all busses and the master track
      Before leveling your tracks with the DAW fader and before inserting other plugins, use Britson fader to level individual tracks to 0VU (VU meter near zero)
      Start mixing as you usually do: Insert new plugins; adjust the volume levels using your DAW’s fader tracks, etc.

      However, often when I do this - and this is especially true for drum tracks with sparse hits - I end up with my channel meter in Logic peaking by far so I have to turn the fader way down. That doesn't seem right. Am I wrong in trying to adjust my drum tracks to 0VU in Britson? The slower response of the VU meter makes it so I have to gain the track way up to hit 0VU.

      I can post a video tonight if I'm not being clear.

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