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      Blue (James Henley)

        Free LUFS meter. Analyses peak and overall loudness to help you set your songs level for streaming services.

        Blue (James Henley)

          Here's a video Warren did on some good free plugins a while back.


          Frozn Colors

            guys, don't even think - just download ADHD Levelling Tool. it's a free analogue compressor. it's FANTASTIC.

            Patrick Lesser

              I've recorded an old table harmonium and created an Steinberg Halion Instrument out of it. So if anyone uses Cubase and is in need of an old harmonium sound with character (it was recorded quick & dirty for instrument-building-training) here it is:

              Kasriel Harmonium


              Some background-information:
              It was recorded at home (with a lot of surrounding noise) when we had complete lock-down here in Germany - not at the studio. I was just using one Lewitt LCT 140 Air into my Motu Ultralite mk4.
              In Halion I spreaded the different keys in panning (lows to left -> highs to right) to get wider sound.

              Would be great to get some feedback, if you were using it....

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              Adrian Wagner

                not sure about these links any more but ive had both these sets for a looong time





                hope someone gets help from them some how šŸ˜‰


                  +1 on the Melda free bundle, nice neat collection of 37 free plugins to get started.

                  I have to mention the TDR plugins (all of them), get the free ones hereĀ

                  Dead duck are ok as well, get them from KVR

                  There's also Sanford Reverb and Sanford Delay (Windows vst) available here


                  There's also the Sonic Anomaly plugins IF you are on windows get them here (vst only)Ā

                  (If you use Reaper just get them through Reapack as JS (Jesusonic format).


                  Hope they prove useful to othersĀ  ;0)

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                  Ludo Charpentier


                    I found this excellent free plugin. A great compagnon on my main bus.



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