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    Korbinian Breu

      Dear Produce Like a Pro Academy Members!

      I hope you all are doing marvellously well - thanks for that great community in here!
      I have some questions regarding job - finding as a high school graduate from audio school. I am sure some of you have made these experiences too and maybe you have some tipps.

      I just finished audio school and now I am searching for a job in the industry (traineeship, Recording, Mixing, PP and so on), which is unfortunately not easy.
      Recording Studios either want engineers with huge amounts of experience (which I dont have, but I am working and trying very hard too achieve my goals) or perfect references like highly rated and produced albums. The thing is - even though I work and practice hard its just normal, that a young guy straight from school cannot provide that. That for my plan is to build up references like crazy to have sth to show up with..

      So my questions to the guys who might also have graduated from audio school or the ones who just found a job in a studio:
      1.Did you just write and write applications until you found the right thing? So just wait and try until the opportunity appears?
      2. Is there an advice you can give a young, motivated guy whos trying to establish himself in the world of recording studios as a assisstant.- recording.- mixing engineer?

      Thanks a lot for reading and thanks to all the people in this academy, I am learning new things every day! Greetings from vienna, Austria

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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