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    Jared Sherman

      This song was for the Indaba Music / PureMix mixing contest. Mixed in Pro Tools using Softube, Plugin Alliance, McDSP, and Avid plugins. No samples or any sounds outside of the provided stems were used, as per the rules of the contest (or at least so I thought).

      (edit: revised version linked 4/10)

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      Steve A

        Hi Jared,
        As I said in the other thread, I think this mix is fantastic.
        I sure would like to have some more detail on how you went about it..
        Like what plugs were used where ..and the hows and whys... Did you master this? If so, did you do it yourself?
        Was analog gear used? If so, what? Are you on Pro Tools Native or HD? etc. etc.
        You get the picture..
        Again, great mix, you should be proud. (I know I would be!) 🙂

        Mark Warner

          Hi Jared,
          I agree with 3rdstone. I was listening to this a couple times in the studio yesterday on my KRK monitors. In there the drums got slightly lost on occasions behind the huge guitar sound. Listening this morning on a crappy Android tablet everything comes through fine. Love your mix and I would also love to know more about how you did this mix and what you used.
          All the best Mark

          Jared Sherman

            Hey guys, thank you so much for the positive feedback! I actually just now uploaded an update on this tune, and updated the link. I have gotten so much positive feedback on the previous version I just hope it sounds improved and not worse, lol. I mostly tried to do a little more DeEssing on the lead vocal, adjust the panning on the hi-hat, and a few other things I can't think of off the top of my head. Please do let me know what you think of the new version if you get a moment.

            The primary EQ and Compression for this was Softube Summit EQF-100, Plugin Alliance Elysia Mpressor, McDSP E606, and McDSP AE400. The reverb is all Avid ReVibe II. I just purchased an Avid HDX rig a couple weeks ago, so I am running the session through that card, using Pro Tools HD 12.5. Everything for the mix was done in the box, and I mastered it myself also in the box. As for the process I used, I did a lot of different tricks, some of which came from Warren. I will try to share more of those particulars when I get some more time. Thanks again!

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              Great job on this mix Jared! You really made this song come alive! Looking forward to hearing more of your mixes. Cheers!

              Jared Sherman

                Thanks for listening and for the positive feedback, Tom!

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