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      I just bought an HDX card to upgrade from my old HD2 system on PT10HD. The 2008 Mac Pro still runs without any problem with PTHD10 for tracking ans some mixing. I have been mostly mixing natively on a laptop but I missed the UAD card and ability to use hardware inserts for some mixes. I was wondering what to do with the old Mac Pro machine. I bought a Thunderbolt chassis for the new HDX card and a UAD card to use with my MBpro. I will miss the internal drive bays and need to come up with an external storage solution for the laptop system. I can't make up my mind on what to do with it. So far I have the following options.

      1. I could pull out the HD cards and sell them for next to nothing and just upgrade it for office use and/or a demo and overdub rig. (It will be nice to use Google Drive desktop again.) I still have a separate PTHD8 license for it.

      2. I could leave it as is (minus the UAD card) for a back up or an alternate demo room machine.
      - Maybe I could run it in dual boot so I can run a newer Mac OS with a USB interface. I believe the last supported OS for the machine is Sierra or High Sierra

      3. It was suggested to me that the HDX card might work in the old Mac Pro
      - but would not allow me to move up to a current version of Pro Tools HD via my PT Ultimate license. I believe the extra 192io I have is also limited to PTHD10 or 11.

      It might be worth mentioning that the current HD rig has 2 192io, and Apogee AD-16X and a Lynx Aurora 16 VT.

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