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    Erik Besselsen

      Hi there,

      my name is Erik Besselsen. My studio/musicroom is located in The Netherlands in Barneveld. In one of the bedrooms in my house actually ;-). I treated the room with a bunch of absorbers on the first reflection points, as you can see in the pictures. And 2 absorbers in the back of the room, which aren't visible in the pictures.

      Studio 1
      Studio 2

      After some 30 years of playing bass in bands and recording songs for my own (didn't actually know what I was doing), I followed a 1 year course for producer/soundengineer at When you live in The Netherlands, you should really check this out. A whole new world opened for me. I am now trying to set up a business in mixing, mastering and composing for commercials and small movies.

      My DAW is Cubase because a friend of mine worked on Cubase, a free version of Cubase AI came with my first interface and it works for me.

      I work mostly with pop/rock. Right now I'm working on the new album of my band, which is progrock.

      My favourite plugins are everything from fabFilter and especially the Pro-Q3, and everything from Izotope, especially Neutron and ofcourse Ozone.

      I don't have too much gear, a few electric and acoustic guitars, a few basses, a midi-keyboard and a Cajon. My interface is a Mackie Bigknob Studio. A few microfoons, the SM57, a cheapo omni and a Rode NT1a. Oh and a Zoom field recorder.

      Gear I have my eyes on momentarily.... that would be the Vienna strings software for orchestral music.

      My studio-facebook
      My studio instagram

      My "artist"facebook
      My "artist" instagram

      Thanks for checking me out!

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