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    Paul Cole


      I have a few questions about this technique, hopefully some of you kind people can help.

      Where can you get good drum samples to blend with recorded drums?
      I have recorded a track with Hotrod sticks being used! are there samples like this out there?

      Would you put samples over all the snare parts, including fills and grace notes?

      Many thanks,

      Guido tum Suden

        You can start with the free ones from Warren and depending on your DAW there are probably already some on board.

        Hm, samples played with rods, sorry, don't know were to get those, but you could make some on your own.

        As for the last question, it depends. I'm recording a cover of a pop song with some student at the moment where in the original there are huge amounts of snare samples on 2 and 4 only, but in fills and the like you only hear the recorded drums.

        If the grace notes are important for the feel of the song either use samples (which I probably wouldn't do), make them more audible with compressors so you can add samples on the louder notes or not to use samples at all.

        Paul Cole

          Thats great thanks,
          After much searching I have the Warren samples!
          I Checked my DAW, cant believe I didnt think of that, Im using Ableton. They have samples!

          Found these as well


          One other question if you have time, Do you use samples on all the kit or just the kick and snare if it needs it?


          Guido tum Suden

            Only Kick and Snare and sometimes Toms.
            In many songs you only have a very few Tom hits which you often, due to too much bleed, isolate. If the recording didn't work out you could as well swap them for samples.

            Cymbals if hits are missing or like Warren does, emphasize certain hits with a Splash Cymbal Sample or a Crash Cymbal Sample.

            Arthur Labus

              Hi Paul,
     has a drum library at least for Kontakt player with hot rods.
              It's a Singer land kit, library is called Split sticks.
              Right now on sale for under 20 bucks I believe.
              Every sample is as WAV there.
              Highly recommended.

              Paul Cole

                Thats all brilliant stuff , massive thanks!! 🙂


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