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      When do you typically use LDC for overheads and when do you typically use SDC for overheads?

      Warren Huart

        Hi Tim, I use both! When I'm at a nice studio like United Recorders, like yesterday, ha I was able to use a pair of U67's (God bless Germany!) but when I'm at my own studio I sue a pair of Lewitt small diaphragm condensers which sound great! Would I use expensive large diaphragm mics on the overheads if I could? Sure, but I don't have particularly expensive ones to hand and frankly I like the way the small diaphragm Lewitt's sound, they naturally don;t pick up booming so I don't have to EQ them at all! I hope that helps? Have a marvellous time recording, many thanks Warren


          I see so it's not a matter of room size? Thanks!

          Kaleb Treacy

            Hey Timmy! Just seen your set up in the studio acoustics section, looks mint mate. My room's actually the size of yours if not a tad bigger and I had trouble with overhead mic-ing for a couple of years. I'd been using a pair of Shure SM27's but time after time I was getting all the boomy-ness of the kick and toms but could never figure out why. I then brought a matched pair of Rode NT-5's with a stereo bar, chucked them up in the X/Y setup and haven't looked back, worked an absolute treat. I figured out that even though my room's completely dead, being a small size still creates that unwanted sound in LDC's as overheads (could be wrong, but my room gives me that opinion). I'll chuck up a picture so you can see my tracking room but yeah, just my 2 cents. Hope that gives you a little more to think on.


              Hey thanks Imocean! That's a nice size tracking room you got there! My room is really just a mixing room. I'll sometimes track vocals or acoustic guitar right in there or do some guitar overdubs with cab in basement and running lines up to the room. I've used a pair of Shure SM 137 SDC's for overheads for a while. Nothing fancy but I make them work. I usually space them. I'll have to try X/Y again. It's been a while. Thanks!

              Victor Ciampini

                I've mostly used SDCs (Rode M5S matched pair) and had nice results but if I was building a more organic sound from the overheads then I guess a pair of LDCs would be better?

                Nick D.

                  for whatever reason ive never been a fan of SDC. I use LDCs on almost everything. I also setup to capture an overall kit sound and mostly use a modified decca tree style setup pretty much like Warren used in a few videos. If i don't want a big sounding kit and most sounds are going to come from close mics, i would be ok with either as then the overheads are more of cymbal mics.

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                  Steve Dandrea

                    My favorite 'budget' set-up for recording OH's that will give me high-end sounding results is a pair of Rode NT1-A's (roughly $460) through a pair of Neve 511 pre's (roughly $1100). Yes, this is about $1600 total, but you could only buy ONE Neumann at that price, so I consider it "budget". 🙂 I absolutely loathe low-end boominess on my OH's, so the Neve 511's variable HPF (up to 250hz!) works GREAT for me!


                      Does anyone have any experience with using a figure 8 setting for a drum overhead???

                      Magnus Johansson

                        Would not even think about it without a companion mid microphone.

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