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      Kreator Studio

      Just outside of Nashville

      Former Bass Guitar Tech for one of Top Metal Bands in The World.Just out of High School. After nearly eight years of Traveling all over the World Decided to come home and go to College. after that I found myself working in the Food Service industry for over 25 years ended up stepping off the rear of a Trailer Backwards helping my employees inventory. And the Fall Broke my Neck rehabbed for a year returned to work only completely tear my Bicep Muscle. That was That. Not long after that. I was Diagnosed with a Life Changing Medical issue. Enough of That, I decided to start fulfilling more of my Dreams of Creating,Mixing and Recording Music. I have Been able to take part in several Master Classes Fro Warrens and from others. To be honest i still struggle with Computer,Wiring and Cables. I have Played Bass Guitar for Church and have managed to do some Session Work.

      I recently relocated to Nashville and Have Started Building a Larger Home Studio. With the ability to Record More live instruments. It's Almost Finished and wish i could provide Some Pictures but couldn't find out how to upload them.

      My DAW of Choice is Studio One

      Primarily Country,Metal,New Wave,Rock

      My List of Equipment is as follows
      Argosy Duel 15L Desk,Spire Racl
      (2) Bass Pedal Boards

      Bass Guitars
      Music Man Mahogany Bongo 4
      Schecter 5
      Music Man Stingray
      Carvin Custom Brian Bromberg 5
      Carvin Custom B-40 4
      Kiesel Vader Short Scale Headless Bass Custom
      Carvin Custom PB-5 P & J
      Carvin Custom PB-4 P & J
      Carvin B-2000
      Amp SVT Pro 1000
      Carvin BX Micro
      (2) 2x10
      Kemper Profiler

      Midi Keyboards
      Akai Advance 49
      Novation Impulse 61

      DW Collectors Series
      Paiste 22 Ride
      Paiste 17,18 Crash
      Zidjian Hi Hat
      Ludwig 14x6.5 Supraphonc Snare
      DW 9000 Hardware Seat and Pedal

      Headphones, Sure and Focal

      Studio Monitors
      Presonus E66 and T10 Sub
      Yamaha NS-10M Studio
      KRK Rokit-6

      Mic Stands
      Several Triad Orbit Stands
      Other Misc Stands

      Computer System is a Windows Hot Rodded Creation Station 450

      My Hardware
      Presonus Studio 192 Interface
      Presonus Digimax DP88
      Faderport Classic and 8
      Dangerous D-Box
      BAE DMP 1073
      BAE B-15 eq
      Elysia Xpressor 500
      Moog Analog Delay 500
      Neve 542 500
      Universal Audio 6-710
      TC Helicon Voicelive Rack
      Presonus RC-500 eq
      BBE Sonic Maximizer
      Creation Audio Labs MW1

      Royer R-121
      (2) AKG 414
      AKG 214
      Slate ML-1
      (2) Slate ML-2
      Sterling Audio ST69
      (2) Sennheiser E835 S
      (3) Sure SM57
      Sure Super 55

      My Dream List
      72 Fender P Bass (Lefty) Good Luck
      SSL or API Console
      Anything Vintage That are still the Main Go Too's
      Lewitt (Set) Drum Mic's

      The Great Thing about the items i do have is That i have managed to purchase everything by saving for it. NO DEBT. and it feels Great.

      If you interested in seeing my unfinished Home Studio its on my Facebook Page and The Masterclass Page

      Ron Chessie

        Looks like you got some great gear all around...and it's YOUR'S...well done! Best of luck on you studio build. say??? Did you bass tech for them?

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