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      Hello everybody,

      I record myself and my friends in your typical small square ridiculously blinky treated room, and the material I'm working with is often very sparse. Many times it's just a vocal and acoustic guitar. Most of the records that I love are like this, though they are generally recorded live in great sounding rooms.

      I like watching mixing videos from all the education sites, but it would seem that most of the content covered is drum and bass heavy - so I would like to see more teqniques for producing that sort of roots music.... making it feel like its not produced but still sonically competitive.

      This would include topics like dealing with phase issues (I know this has been covered already) arranging, dealing with room modes, letting the acoustic fill the low end, natural sounding reverbs, learning to really hear subtle compression, locking together male and female lead harmonies in a controlled and musical way.

      The music and production style Im thinking of is like the Ryan Adams Heartbreaker record, Gillian welch and david rawlings, The civil wars, shovels and rope. Americana, I suppose.




        Nice. I like this. I think it would also help with folks who are just starting out as well. Because most guys know someone who might be described in the way you've stated. It serves both the style to learn some about it, but also the business aspect. To get a foot in the door by starting small. Ironically, this is almost exactly what is about to happen with me, so pretty timely! Good one.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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