Academy Dashboard Forum Studio DIY Does anyone tried out the SM57 mod?

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      You probably have seen this modification on YT where they boil the transformer out of the SM57. I never used an SM57 mod. Besides, I only use an SM57 if the guitarist has some sentimental roots with his personal SM57. Maybe he killed his mother in law with it or something alike. Otherwise, I will always try out another mic first that the recording studio has available. Still, bypassing the SM57 transformer will certainly produce a difference in sound. If you ever tried it out, what was your judgment?

      Samuel Botstein

        Hi, I have used a modified one and thought it sounded interestingly different, but wasn't a revelation. It's not like a 57 is a rare or expensive mic, so I would say go for it. I am not a big SM57 fan, but understand that a lot of people insist on using one and don't mind quite so much when they're using two mics (like a 57 and 67 or a 57 and a 121 on amps, or a 57 and some other mic on snare, etc).

        I'm thinking of modding a transformer into my SM7b. That's a whole other thing to think about, though...

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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