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    Dean Rooks (AKA FreeEarCandy)


      I'm looking for PLAP members who work in Cakewalk Platinum, or Cakewalk by Bandlab, and are interested in collaboration projects-nothing specific at the moment.  I am open to...

      Starting new projects in Cakewalk.

      Doing projects from your own catalogue of compositions in Cakewalk.

      Offering projects from my own catalogue of compositions in Cakewalk.


      I am a independent song writer who mainly plays guitar and sings, and then whatever else is necessary to reach a sonic vision. I joined PLAP to advance my studio skills, and I feel the best chance I have at getting the most out of it is by working with people here who have the same plugins and DAW I have (see my profile for listed equipment). I have this notion that being able to share a project in its entirety (i.e. automation, plugin values, etc,) is a big advantage in terms of learning, clarity, trouble shooting, and sharing the burden of mixing and mastering a composition with fellow collaborators.

      Well, that is the essence of my offer and I will not take up anymore of your time. Check my profile out. There is a link to my SoundCloud profile as well, and there you can listen to just a few of the FreeEarCandy projects I created and posted for public consumption. If you want to skip the PLAP profile and go to the SCloud posts to see if my taste in music is your kind of Ear Candy, then here is a direct link below. If interested, send a message to my PLAP mailbox and we can discuss the proposition further.


      FreeEarCandy SoundCloud Profile and currently published projects for review.

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