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    Mark Beeson

      I just discovered this issue for those that are using a Digi 002 and are considering upgrading to the latest version of Pro Tools. I have a Digi 002 Rack and last Fall I made the jump and upgraded my computer and Pro Tools. I tested the 003 drivers with the FREE version of Pro Tools first and everything worked great. Been zooming along with the new version with no issues until I tried to add a light pipe to the 002. Apparently the Hardware Setup menu does not work with the 002 Rack running with the 003 drivers. You can't select the light pipe unit as the master because you are unable to access the Hardware Setup menu. I tested this on my laptop and iMac. This may just be a High Sierra issue, I can't say for sure. Just wanted to let anyone know that might be thinking of upgrading and are currently using a light pipe in the signal chain.

      If anyone is not having this issue, please reply and let me know. I'd be curious to find out what you're using.

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