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      Just had a thought driving home tonight and realized the guitar session I tracked to stems and required a Di Capture as well didn't actually capture straight from the guitar.

      I got so busy setting up for the client, and actually haven't tracked many electric guitars for a long while, that I set up the Radial DI box near the amp which was in the live room. So the Guitarist was in the control room with me. I was thinking he was just going to sit next to me at the desk and just plug in the cable I had for him and just start playing with the tones of the amp.


      He came in with his guitars and pedal rig and then plugged the cord directly to the out of his rig and I didnt even realize that I was about to not get a clean guitar for the tracking session.


      Any way I just have to put it down to a lesson learnt the hard way.

      He did go to a bit of trouble getting the tones he liked and the ProTools session will be sent off to Nashville for mixing I think. Hopefully they dont want to re-amp.


      I guess the only thing the DI could be used for would be if they wanted to use a different amp but all his reverbs and overdrives from his pedal board will already be baked in.


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