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    Francesco Goldoni

      Hi people!
      Today I wrote a Delay Calculator app that spits out the delay time if you provide the song bpm, time division (1/8, 1/16, ecc...) and time signature (straight, dotted, triplet). It's written in Java so it's multi-platform but I compiled macOS and Windows versions asl well.
      In order to run this you need to have a Java Runtime Enviroment installed. I suggest that you try to open the app and it it doesn't open you should download the JRE from the link I'll provide.

      Anyways, here are the files!
      - Mac OS Version (.app file):
      - PC Version (.exe file):
      - Java multi-platform (.jar file):
      - Oracle JRE if you haven't installed it: (Don't hesitate to install's very good and won't mess up your computer + it could be useful in the future for other jar apps you might wanna open!)

      Let me know if you installed it, if you like it and I'm also very open to suggestions!

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