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    Kris O'Sullivan

      Hi Warren. When tracking, I still struggle with positioning the microphone. I feel like I've hit the sweet spot but then when I play it back it's just not there.

      Any tips/tricks on what you are looking for or looking to avoid when positioning microphones on instruments and vocals?



      Rob Sedgwick

        Hi Kris. Wondering if this forum group gets activity!

        Did you get an answer to this one?

        I have had this. Im assuming you are monitoring yourself?

        What I have found is the 'sweet spot' found while self tracking is misleading, because we often are also getting a bit of the instrument itself.

        Im no pro, but found that;

        - closed backs obv
        - has to be pretty loud , then turn down for when think right for the take
        - Try to be clean on the input ( not much process colour on the in because we 'know its not going to be perfect )
        - avoid low cutting too much - might be tempted in the cans when self monitoring to low cut - but it will sound more low because of the, say, body of a guitar on us
        - More mics ( if poss ) for choices of blend after once all phase corrected

        Again, just a singer somngtrier here but those helped me!

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