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    Dave Merkel

      Dave Merkel

      Studio Workspace

      Where is your studio based:
      Billings, Montana, USA

      Have performed on piano and keys for a few decades (if I say four, does that make me old?). Been involved in audio recording and production for three decades, having gotten a start in broadcasting and on tape. My love for music and audio engineering was renewed with DAWs, the latest plugins, and advancements in MIDI and virtual instruments. I run on two computers ... one for the DAW, the second handles all virtual instruments. The two computers are networked together using VEPro. S

      DAW of choice:
      Pro Tools

      Rock, classic rock, rock, pop, gospel, jazz, indie, singer/songwriter, beginning to get into EDM and hiphop.
      Favorite plugins: bx SSL4000E and G, Townhouse Bus Compressor, Black Box, Shadow Hills Comp, Waves MV2 and R-EQ, AR Chambers and Plates.

      Gear List:
      MOTU 4Pre (in-studio), LiveTrack L12 (8 mic +4 line), WA-47, LCT 640 TS, 2x LCT 440 Pure, 2x SM57, 2x SM58, 2x AT-2035, Komplete Kontrol S88 MKI, Breath Controller

      Equipment I have my eyes on:
      Kali IN8, Kali LP6, Lewitt Pencil Mics, Avid S1

      Social Media:

      Any other cool things about your studio we should know?
      My recording space at home is small, but not impossible to work in for a musician or two. I'm hoping to do some limited (up to 8 or 12 track) mobile recording in other spaces and learn to work with the challenges they present.

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