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    Dan Munro

      Hi all,

      I'm Dan, my little creative space is a bedroom in our house. I use it mostly for composition and playing with audio but I don't do this professionally anymore. My music career was mostly late 70s/80's and early 90's when I stopped playing live and went to UNI to get a music degree (audio production major), then worked briefly after finishing with the school, but went into IT for the family income. I'm getting back into it these days and loving every second of it thanks in part to finding Warren's tube videos. My studio is very humble as you can see, but my thing is the instruments (good in equals good out right?) and really just playing with mixers. I particularly like the contests and super keen for the next mix contest. I use Protools as I am most familiar with it, and recently bit the bullet and got the sub. I like all genres really, but I do like clean, jazz styles, as well as prog-rock metal AF (the likes of Plini and David Maxim), so I'm into most things. My fav plug atm is the Plini Archetype by Neural DSP. My gear is pretty basic. Digi 003, going straight into a Aaron reference amp (ZA-100) and out to a set of aaron ATS-2 monitors with a small 8inch Marantz sub and just ordered a set of the blue Mix headset. I use a custom built PC with a series 4 i7 processor, 16gb ram. My guitars are ibanez, Steinberger,  Spector, and Takamine, plus my little claiscal from Brazil I got when I was 9 (most of my guitars are technically vintage now ;). I can't get into what gear I want, I'm 55 and the list is too long but as I said I have the blues on their way, and I would love to update the interface and monitoring system, but I am not commercial so that will have to wait. socials

      Ross Mixes

        Nice! I dig that blue ibanez strat!

        Dan Munro

          Thanks mate, that was the first guitar I bought myself with my first job. Its a 1981 Ibanez Blazer Series BL-550. I recently had to do some work to it crowning the frets and having to strip the old lacquer, re-crown, and re-lacquer as it had deteriorated beyond playable. Love it to death. 

          Brian O'Neill


            Nice setup! I've tried some of the Neural DSP stuff. I did end up buying the Darkglass BK pedal plug which is just great.
            The Cory Wong and the Fortin Cali suite seem interesting me.

            Keep rocking - from a fellow Progger (I'm guessing there are a few around these parts).

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