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    Steve Hoggart

      HI Team
      I am about to take the plunge to Cubase 10, this will coincide with a new build, new mobo, procesor and big ram. Howevevr my main concern is moving to win 10. Which win 10 is bestest.

      Tell me your horrow stories.

      Matteo Beccati

        No horror stories here. Win10 has been working much better than anything before for me. If possible, I'd suggest the Pro version.


          Windows 10 Pro works well for me with Cubase 10. Better than Window 8. Miss the simplicity of 7 Pro. Almost in-spite of themselves, Microsoft made a really tight operating system with Windows 7 Pro. But yes, Windows 10 Pro works very well.

          Pere Ferrarons

            The same here, tho combo Win10 + Cubase10 works fine

            Erik Duijs

              No complaints about Win10 + Cubase, it works fine. I actually prefer Win10 over Win7 (or 8).
              I don't think it matters at all whether you get Win10 Pro or Home for a DAW (I have Home myself), unless you need Pro features like it being able to act like a remote desktop host or something.

              One horror story I have about Windows (7,8 or 10) is that the windows audio system sometimes cuts out for my audio interface if I use my audio interface with both ASIO/Cubase and other applications (i.e. a browser). ASIO/Cubase then still works fine, but I get no audio out of other applications anymore unless I set windows to use on-board audio.
              Switching back and forth between my audio interface and the on-board audio usually works, but sometimes I just have to reboot to fix it.
              Not really a horror story I suppose, but it is an annoyance when it happens (although again it's not specific to Win10 and YMMV).

              John Gleason


                By default, Windows 10 does not allow multiple applications to share the audio interface at the same time. To change this setting, open your sound settings (right click on the speaker in the taskbar); on the right of that window, click on the Sound Control Panel; go to properties/advanced; and uncheck the box "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device". Not all ASIO programs will allow shared connections and may require exclusive access to the audio interface when running. Try changing the Windows setting and if that doesn't work for you maybe others will have a suggestion to try.

                'Hope this helps.


                Erik Duijs

                  Hey John,
                  Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a look.
                  Another possibility I heard about is a mismatch between the windows audio sampling-rate and Cubase's (for example 44.1K in the windows driver vs 48K in Cubase), which could confuse things when switching back and forth. Looking at my settings now I think this might be what I'm dealing with here. I'll test.
                  Thanks again, much appreciated 🙂

                  Erik Duijs

                    Just to report back, the issue went away when setting the windows driver to the same sampling rate as Cubase. It's still a minor annoyance though as not every Cubase session is set to the same sampling rate but at least now I know what to do.

                    Tim Blunt

                      Win10 working solidly here. No Horror stories, all I can say is backup, backup, backup...

                      Steve Hoggart

                        Little update people Win 10 for the win all good.

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