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    Terry Doyle

      Hi all,

      I am moving house soon... renting... and I am struggling to find a property with a decent size spare room to set up as a mix room.

      Also I would like to start recording stuff too ... I just bought 4 new mics! so I'd like to put them to good use 😉

      Anyway, back to my crazy idea ...

      I have seen a 70m2 industrial unit nearby that is completely empty and has 6 meter ceilings. I'm thinking I could make my next house smaller and instead of trying to do a home setup I could set up a mixing room in the unit and add mobile acoustics as I go for drum recording, etc. ( I'm thinking I should be able to get awesome drum sounds in there!)

      I am concerned with 2 things and would like to see if any of you have experience in such large spaces.

      Firstly the roof is typical industrial corrugated plastic and would make a lot of noise when it rains
      Secondly, its a light industry enterprise park and I wonder about general noise from other units ... or complaints about my noise!

      Bear in mind that I do not want to build a recording studio in the traditional sense ... that is not whats required in the business and they are closing down all over. I'm thinking more about mobile acoustic gobos and stuff so the space can be flexible and used for any audio or video usagge.


      Steve A

        I don't think it's crazy, first off. I myself will be tracking drums in a neighbor's modified pole-barn that's pretty large and has high ceilings as well.
        The noise issues are going to be the main concern I would think, especially the other close buildings, you might want to go around and ask about that, if they are good with it, then just don't track when it's raining I guess lol, and use high pass filters to weed out any rumble that could interfere with recordings.

        Any way to take some pictures of this place? I'm intrigued now 🙂

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