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    David Ruby

      Room is 12x10.5 and the small narrow hall way is a length of 6x3 ft. I thought either the wall by the window and bookcase centered (10.5) or centered on the 12ft wall where tv is and shooting down the narrow hall. Might not be a great difference really.I know it is best to be on the short wall and have a longer throw. I also thought the closet if doors were slats could act as a bass trap. Not going to totally make room acoustically perfect since I will be using sonar works for my headphone mixing and nearfield mixing of video/ audio. Suggestions are wide open to these ears here. Nice to be back actually. : )

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      face (chris) Janton

        I would put the monitors at the end of the room where the window is. Use a thick drape of some sort over the window.

        Figure out what the room modes are (you need to include height in the calculation).

        Calibrate your monitors to mix at a reasonable level...for this room you probably mix at 74 dB or so. It makes a huge difference.

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