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    Guido tum Suden

      Hi Warren,

      there are a lot of videos about how compressors work, what they do and how to operate them.
      But we seldom get an answer to why a specific compressor was chosen and what specific task it should do.

      So, I would like to have examples like:
      If you have "Audible Problem" then you could use "Type of Compressor" like "Brand of Compressor" and use it like "Operating" because then it will do "Solution"! 😉

      Of course the easiest answer would be "Go by ear", but there's really not enough time to test all the compressors with all their settings to decide which one sounds best. It would be easier if you knew what you are looking for.

      Maybe you could group the types of compressors like: Clean, VCA, FET, OPTO and Vari-Mu, if that's helping at all and then go through different instruments with different playing styles and different goals.

      For example: If you have instruments with few transients like Organ, Oboe, Sax, Pad etc. and the problem is that the loudness of the notes the players played were not consistent enough, then ...

      Or: If you have a Snare Drum with a lot of transients that need to be at the same level but you don't want to make the snare's tail louder or longer, then ...

      Or: If you like the transients of the Snare but want to lengthen the tail and so make the Snare sound fatter, then ...


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        Yes, I'd like to hear more on compressors and just compressing in general. I'm always over thinking when it comes to compression

        Steve A

          I agree, mainly because comps can be a bit tricky and this would help speed things up like you said, but I would also add to your list of comp types, a multi-band.

          Stephen Korst

            I like to hear about the use of compressors too. Threshold levels, specifically, and the theory of raising the lower volumes and crushing the higher ones.

            How much compression is too much? Or too little?

            Is it better to use multiple compressors or use one compressor to accomplish the same amount of compression desired? Do presets apply enough compression by themselves or does the preset always need to be adjusted to be effective at all?

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