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    Brian Steel

      I just mastered an instrumental with electric guitar. There is a guitar doing sustained chords

      which ended up sounding a bit distorted and too bright (tinny on the high end). I don’t work with

      electriv guitar much and made the errors. I cant go back and change it. Looking back Ishould have done 2 things: recordedtheguitar track a little lower( was hitting peaks up to -10 dbfs and Ishould have put a LPF on to attenuate the highs. I the least I could have turned the treble knob down on the amp simulator.

      Toolate now. The only thing I can do is put aLPF on the master recording wav file.

      Anyone use LPF on electric guitar tracks or do you turn the treble down with an enormous on theampsimulator?
      Looks like I need to check out some of Warren’s electric guitar production and mixing techniques.

      Anyrecommendations on PLAP or YouTube? Thanks.

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