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    Big Bear Mike

      So I'm some what a beginner at this mixing in the box I started long time ago before I had kids with my tascam four track Recording the band and now for the last year since my kids have grown and have more time on my hands Im using logic Pro X with a Thunderbolt Focusrite Clarett8Pre with Yamaha HS8 monitors and I also have I Handful headphones that I used and I also use some electric voice 18 inch stage speakers and yes I also have a Avalon 737 that I have on loan that I don't use that much

      So my problem is I'm making mixes going on this channels doing all this work and not committing to it I get done then I don't push save I'm not committing to any of my mixes has anyone else found this a problem in their beginning stages of mixing in the box I would assume it's not trusting yourself or your ears if anyone has any helpful tips and I would love to hear back from thanks

      John Gleason

        Go ahead and press 'save.' You are not really committing to anything. Mixes are never really "finished" (even seasoned pros will hear a song they mixed years ago and then have to fight the urge to re-mix the song again). If you save your mix today, you can come back tomorrow and listen again (and probably make changes). Yesterday's mix will sound a little different tomorrow, often depending on the time of day, what other songs you have just listened to, even what you had for lunch. Your hearing and mood change constantly. Mixing is both art and science. And as you gain experience (and collect more tools and plug-ins) you will get better results. By saving a mix now you can use it to measure your progress, smile at your mistakes, etc -- meaning 'learn'.

        Then, go back and re-mix it!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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