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    Clay LaHatte

      Hi there wonderful PLAPers. This is my little temporary set up due to a house remodel.

      I am in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA. I am an aspiring composer and mixer. Looking forward to retiring from my day job to be able to devote more time to music, but that won't be for at least another two years. There are two guitars in the photos, but I do not play guitar. My primary instrument is the drum kit, and a dabble on the keyboard. Unfortunately no drums set up right now to play on. So I dabble with virtual instruments and experimenting.

      I tend to write in piano-based, or space music kind of stuff. I have acquired a lot of plugins and virtual instruments over the past couple of years. I don't think I have a favorite yet, either plugin or vi. I also had been buying some older gear when at a good price. Older synths, sound modules, and effects, though I may end up not using any of them.

      What I would like to acquire are the actual pieces of character gear that can sweeten sound in the best ways, and definitely a fast computer. Two years ago I built one I thought would be fast enough for anything, but it can't keep up with a decent number of tracks and plugins. The mix I am presently working on will not even play anymore until I disable many plugins. Some things I would like to try out include:

      The high end MOTU interfaces with lots of ins and outs
      Some good, flat monitor speakers
      Speaker Monitor controller
      Avalon 737vt and 747
      Mic pres and mics of all sorts

      My facebook name is clay.lahatte ( Instagram is barracuda_sound.

      As for notable gear, well, the wide computer monitor I bought from a former assistant to the film composer Henry Gregson Williams.

      Thanks for looking. 🙂

      My temp studio

      My Studio

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      • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Clay LaHatte.
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