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    Chris Mataran


      Here is a pic of my home studio "PolMax Studio"

      I live in France, no, not in Paris but near a little town named Blois. For more than 7 years now, I’ve been doing music mixing for pleasure, as a hobby, building my home studio and being a member of music mixing communities like PureMix.Net, “RecordingRevolution” or “Produce Like A pro“ !!!. I founded the PolMax Studio to share my experience as a hobbyist and not as a pro which I’m not, and I’m currently working on my Youtube channel. The biggest challenge I’ll have to deal with will be how to find the time to do all this. We’ll see!
      I'm a singer/writer/composer/mixer/Guitar player (ouch!). My genres of music are mostly pop / rock / blues and country. I'm in a band called the "Old Young" (sorry we are French so...), we make covers of Neil Young, Creedance ClearWater Revival, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry...

      My DAW of choice is Pro Tools however I use also Studio One 4 Pro and sometime Logic X to compose.
      I use an iMac with Apollo Twin and Apollo 8 Black Face interface. I also have an Eleven Rack and a bunch of plugins (too much!). I love UAD and Waves plugins. My favorite plugins are
      - Waves Abbey Road, all of them and especially the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3, it's a game changer for me, you'll understand why when you see the picture of my sutdio.
      - Waves CLA MixHub, awesome!
      - UAD Fatso Jr / Sr, this plugin is amazing on everything
      - UAD Manley VoxBox
      - Well... all of the UAD plugins I have (53)

      Well, my gear (apart from what I already listed)
      - Sony MDR 7506
      - Focal Spirit Pro
      - My old Prodipe 5 monitors (I know them very well)
      - Presonus FaderPort (very useful)
      - Impact LX 61+ MIDI keyboard

      My guitars
      - Gibson Les Paul Standard
      - Gibson SG
      - Taylor GS Mini Koa
      - Taylor 110 (my first acoustic guitar)
      - Harley Benton TE 90QM HH Trans Blue (I love it!)
      - Harley Benton Electric Bass

      The gears I have an eye on
      - The Universal Audio Apollo X6
      - The new Avid S1
      - The Kali LP6 monitors!! (and the sub!)
      that's pretty much it

      My Facebook link

      That's all folks

      Michael Garding

        Excellent Chris!

        Chris Mataran

          Thanks Michael! and your studio is amazing!

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