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    Magnus Johansson

      Hi Adam

      Would you mind doing a master for us? I was thinking of one of Warrens songs as we all have access to the raw unmastered stereo file. At least it has been part of those multitracks I have opened so far. If so, my vote goes to the Steve Maggiora song. Also it would be cool if you told us what and why you did to it. I know, I might be stretching it a bit too far with what you might want to do for us. But if I don´t ask...

      Adam Ayan

        Hi Mange,

        Unfortunately I am bit too busy to do a master for the forum. That said, Warren Huart and I have done many records together, and if he cares to post a before and after (his mix and my master) of one of them I am not opposed.

        I will say that I may speak in generalities about what I had done to any master, but I do not share my notes and technique. I hope you understand - a guy's got to have some secrets 🙂


        Jared Sherman

          But discovering what those techniques are (or at least some of them) is exactly what we would like to hear most! This is a safe space here; it doesn't seem like Warren keeps any secrets and he still manages to find clients here and there. My understanding is the spirit of PLAP is all about letting the information flow out and keeping no secrets; so how about it; in the spirit of PLAP 😉

          Your ear, experience, and reputation are all pretty significant differentiators just by themselves, and nobody could take those things from you regardless of how much of your chain or tricks that may be shared.

            Steve A

              I understand the mastering Q & A is over, and btw thanks.
              Also thanks tblizz, for posting before and after Bullet mix and master.

              But I really would like to hear one of Warren's before and afters, just for some perspective.
              That being a mix, just the way it was sent to Adam, and then Adam's master of it..


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