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    Mark Warner

      I saw this article in Sound on Sound on a while ago about building your own microphones. The review was positive and the the kits are reasonable.

      This is the website of the supplier who can also supply parts to fix mics as well.


        Very interesting, indeed! I have two identical MXL 990's and this got me really interested in modifying one of them with a 47 capsule. I'm not shy of soldering irons and this will be very budget-friendly.

        Thanks for the post, @ljemusic

        EDIT: But in reality, you're not building actual C12, U47 or U87's. You're building clones. But according to reviews, they're close enough.

        Mark Warner

          I am glad you have found it useful @Javasound and yes I should have put the word "type" or similar in the title as it is building U47 U87 type microphones as you correctly point out.

          Cheers - Mark

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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