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    Brian O'Neill

      Brian O'Neill
      I'm located in Northern Virginia not too far from Washington DC.

      I'd consider myself a very serious hobbyist at playing guitar and recording/mixing/production.
      I've been playing guitar for over 30 years. I have a good collection of guitars, amplifiers and effects.
      I have recently started to learn drums, but it's for the sake of learning recording techniques and getting sounds.
      I have been interested in studio stuff for almost as long as I've been playing guitar.
      I've had 4 track cassette recorders, ADAT's, Digi 001, etc.
      My studio is in the unfinished basement of my house. I do not have a separate control room from my live room. I would love a separate live room, control room and a vocal/acoustic guitar/cab booth.
      I also dabble in photography, videography/editing, model rail-road, cooking and sci-fi toy collecting (Star Wars/Transformers).
      I'm an IT professional for my day job ;-D

      My DAW of choice is ProTools.
      I use a Windows PC and have used Nuendo, Reaper, Studio One.

      I have mainly worked on my own bands/projects. That tends to be Progressive Rock wading a bit into Metal here and there.
      I am reluctant to open to others, but have done so, but not recently.
      I've done Hip Hop/Rock, Christmas music on a Piano in a church (remote location), Pop, Country (Camp Fire songs), Acoustic Singer Songwriters.
      I like just about anything, but don't much gravitate to County (I know there is good stuff).

      I have a ton of plugins. I probably have to many and it's probably detrimental.
      I use the Slate VMR more than anything, followed closely by the Sound Toys Decapitator.
      I also have:
      Slate (All Access/Trigger/SSD)
      McDSP (all)
      Sound Toys (all)
      Waves (a lot of them)
      Re-Lab (all)
      Eventide (Anthology)
      iZotope/Exponential  (most of them)
      Arturia (FX and Synch bundles)
      Apogee Clearmountain Domain
      a bunch of others

      I've never used an AVID HD system or high end converters. I don't like spending on tech hardware as I'm typically not getting returns.

      I build my own Windows based PC's - currently Intel i9 9900K, 32GB RAM, SSD OS and Audio drives.
      Lynx Aurora (n) 24 TB3.
      I also have a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 board which connects via Firewire. 24 inputs - the preamps go straight to the DAW.
      Focal Alpha 65, Mackie HR824 monitors
      Blue, Beyerdynamic Dynamic DT 770 Pro, Presonus, AKG and Sony headphones.
      Pres: Great River MP2NV, API 3124+, Presonus ADL-600,  RETRO 500 Pre, 5x CAPI VP-25's, 2x Fredenstein Artistic 500, Yamaha MLA8
      Outboard: Klark Teknik KT-2A, 2 KT-76's, 2 KT EQP's, 2x DBX 160A's, ART PRO VLA II, FMR RNLA, Eventide Eclipse, Lexicon and Alesis effects etc.
      Mics: Warm WA-47, Warm WA-251, Warm WA-67, 2x Warm WA-47jr's, 2x Warm WA-87's, 2x Avantone CV-12's, 2x Lewitt 441 Flex, 2x Miktek MK300, Lauten Audio LA220, 2x Audio Technica 4033's, R0de NTK, 2x Cascade Fathead II's, 3x Blue Hummingbird's, 2 R0de NT5's, 2x Lewitt 040 Match's, 3x Sennheiser MD-421's, 2x Sennheiser e906's, Shure SM7B, 5x Shure SM57's, Shure Beta 57, Shure Beta 52, Shure/Granelli 57, 5x Electro Voice N/D 468's, Electro Voice RE20, Electro Voice 635A,  5x Beyer Dynamic TGD57c's, 2x Beyer Dynamic TG-X 50 MKII, Audix i5,  Audix D6, Audio D4, Audix OM5, AKG D112, 2x AKG C451B, AKG C1000s, Yamaha SKRM 100 Sub-Kick

      Electric 6 & 7 String guitars (Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Ernie Ball Music Man, Charvel, PRS, Epiphone, G&L, Godin (Nylon string).
      Acoustic guitars (Taylor, Yamaha, Epiphone)
      Amps: (Mesa Mark V head, Mesa TriAxis & 2:Ninety(rack), Mesa Lonestar 2x12 combo, Mesa .22 1x12 combo, Vox AC-30 (modern one), Fender Twin Reverb (RI), Fender 59' Bassman(RI), Roland JC 120
      FAmps: Fractal Axe-FX II XL+, Roger Linn Adrenalinn, Line 6 POD 2
      Effects: over 70 pedals (Strymon, Boss, Keeley, EHX, Eventide, TC Electronic, Analog.Man, JHS, Fulltone, Gamechanger Audio, Fairfield Circuitry, Earthquaker, Catalinbread, Hughes & Kettner etc..).
      Drums: Mapex Kit Kick and 5 toms, Pork Pie BOB snare, hardware & cymbals.
      Misc: Jaymar Toy Piano, fun toy instruments, assorted percussion (shakers/triangle/glockenspiel,bell-tree, tambourine, vibraslap

      Room treatment (I'd love better translation, but I am used to my room).
      A separate control/live room would be amazing.
      VCA Bus Compressor

      Twitter: @bjoneill74
      My band: or
      Another band I was with and am now working on a new album with -

      Main Control Area


      Amps & Guitfiddles

      Main Control Area (different angle)

      Live Area

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      Mark Beeson

        Nice studio Brian. Especially dig the love of the Birds. I'm also a Philly bred, NOVA transplant.

        Thane Clare

          Hey gents, another NoVA guy here (Alexandria).   Loving the guitar and amp collection, Brian!

          Brian O'Neill

            Thank you Mark. I checked out your website. Nice studio and sound clips!
            I suppose I should take a stab at one of these PLAP mixes some day.


            Nicholas Jackson

              Wow look at all that hardware! I see you've left the beams open on the ceiling, smart move, wish I'd done that now, diffuses the environment better. Thanks for sharing.

              Brian O'Neill


                Thank you.
                My studio is in my unfinished basement, so everything is bare (walls with insulation, floor, ceiling). It isn't ideal, but it isn't terrible either.
                I do need to invest in or build some treatment at some point. I'd also like to separate my control area from my live room, but at the same time.. I like that dynamic.
                I have found that I can get interesting sounds by placing mics up there or against some sheet metal duct work (particularly when tracking drums).




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