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    David Ruby

      Hello and advice here. I am looking to get a PC for my son to use for mixing EDM and Aphex twins style of music. He uses Abelton and the usual waves effects. What are some good specs or what are you using to mix audio on these days.
      Thank you.

      Niki Pichler


        I use an iMac with 16gb of ram and it works really good! I wouldn't look to get too expansive (haha says the Mac user xD) as the more expansive pcs have other features you really don't need (like really good graphics). Just a basic pc with 16gb of ram with a decent intel i5 or i7 (at least dual-core) should do the thing!

        Really big sessions will always need freezing (in reaper it is called like this; it is making a wav file with all the effects on replacing your normal file so your effects don't need to work in realtime while storing the setting so you can "unfreeze" it anytime) so the rest I think doesn't matter much ^^

        cheers, Niki

        Rüdiger Hochstädt

          Hi David,
          I am using a pc with an intel I7 and 64 gb of ram. SSD hardrives and it is optimized for recording and mixing.
          But I am sure that Niki is right. Start with a smaller system that can be upgraded. Freezing is the way to stay with a smaller system while getting all the benefits of your DAW. I recommend a PC with an I7 and 16gb ram too. It should have a thunderbolt 3 port and usb 3 so that all interfaces are connectable in the future.
          Have fun!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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