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    Mark Isner

      Hi all,

      I've been doing some research, is it beneficial to fill behind bass trap panels? My room is 12'9" x 8'5" x 8' ceiling.

      Thanks to all who reply, cheers.

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      Magnus Emilsson

        Hi Mark.

        This is going to be an boring answer.
        It really depends on the type of bass trap. If it is a resonating bass trap, those are often set up to have a bit of free air behind them. If it is a "damping" bass trap adding to the damping should only help.



          A few questions come to mind immediately-

          what type of traps are these? Are they absorber panels that you'll be placing at the corners?
          or are they side wall/ceiling mounted panels?

          How thick are the panels?

          If these are DIY absorber panels (foam/fiberglass), I'd lean towards having them just be covered
          with fabric on both sides, and space them 2-4 inches from the wall if space permits, for increased effectiveness.
          Of course this answer may change if its a different type of panel being used.

          Good luck!


            The John Sayers design forum is a great resource for acoustic treatment questions.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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