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      I hold my hands up and freely admit I know nothing about DI boxes. I've just never had to use them as I work mainly with a Kemper, mixing remotely, and in the past my interfaces have had the right inputs.

      I'm working with a band in the USA who are tracking guitars at home so naturally I want them to capture DI's. They'll be tracking through plugins so I just need to suggest a low budget DI box that will do the job as their interface doesn't have the right impedance switch.

      One guitarist has active pickups, the other has passive. This isn't an expensive job as they're just doing it for fun so I'm looking for something under $40 ideally.

      If anybody could recommend something that would do the job I would be really grateful!

      Anders Isberg

        There are a few cheap DIs that I think would do the trick. Palmer PAN 01 or PAN 02, ART ZDirect or XDirect, Behringer DI100, Samson MD1. I know Electro-Harmonix have one too, but I can't remember what it's called.


          Anders thank you so much! Very grateful for that!

          Jared Sherman

            It's not under $40 but I love the BSS AR-133 and if you contact Full Compass for a quote it was like $130 last time I checked (Sweetwater sells it for $179 I believe). When I used to work at a major studio we all swore by those things and sometimes even preferred them to the really expensive Avalon U5 which we also had. The BSS boxes are built like a tank so they should never fail on you. I have two. I consider that a pretty cheap DI as my more fancy DI is an A-Designs REDDI which I love love love on bass guitar (though the BSS is pretty fantastic on bass too, and, well, everything really). I have only had poor experiences with the sub-$40 range of DI, and any time I am in a situation live where the venue has those cheapo DIs I always make sure I bring my own to switch out just in case because clarity and detail are usually lacking otherwise. Radials are nice too but I don't think you can get the comparable Radial at the price you can get a BSS and they are well built but not as well as the BSS.

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            Rich Westphal

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