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    Charles Oncina

      Well, I appear to be an antique.  lol  I've got a radio background and my experience with the Cool Edit/ Adobe Audition platform is pretty extensive due to that.  Hence, I've just stuck with it.   Maybe, someday, someone else here will be as antiquated as I!  lol

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      Bruce Gammon

        Hi Charles - though I've been playing around a lot with Cakewalk in the past 2 years, I too have experience with Audition as well as Soundforge Pro. I currently use AA CS6 for voiceover work, when it comes in (not so much in 2022!). My first experience with digital audio editing was with the Orban Audacy workstation at a couple of radio stations I worked at back in the late 1990s. good times!

        Shane Taylor

          I abandoned Adobe when they went Subscription, but I used Audition as part of my CS6 Master Collection to create a 5.1 soundtrack for a short film back in 2015-16. It was difficult, but I made it work. I did see that radio/broadcasting legacy in Au you mentioned, but didn't see any real movement toward post production, or MIDI, at the time. I liked a lot about Au and loved the Wave Editor, which I believe was licensed from iZotope's predecessor to RX. I just did an Au crossgrade to the brand new Spectral Layers 10 from Steinberg, which is pretty incredible. I still use my perpetual licensed CS6 products whenever I need to open/change/update an old project, but have transitioned off Adobe for the most part. For film work I use DaVinci Resolve, but the in-built Fairlight Audio component hasn't yet caught up with the likes of Nuendo (or even Cubase) in working with Video, and does no MIDI at all. So I had to look at alternative DAWs like Reaper, Cakewalk, and Cubase. I have Bitwig Studio for its incredible modulation capability for sound design.

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