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    Pat Bradley

      I'm looking at replacing my interface in the next few months. The Audient iD44 looks like it has what I need (4 inputs, switching to 2 sets of speakers. Does anyone own one or know about them? Can't really justify spending more than $800US. My computer has thunderbolt capability and the Audient iD44 is USB, but I can't see any interfaces in my price range. Thanks!

      Dave Ravies

        I have one and love it. I didn't need Thunderbolt. And the sound and build are great. Notice Warren uses one. You can checkout the reviews on the Sweetwater site. Just search for Audient id44. Think about what your true needs are. If the iD44 fits, I don't think you will regret the purchase.

        Pat Bradley

          Thanks Dave!

          Paul Motion

            I have an iD4 which has the same components as the iD44 just less of them, and it’s great. I was tossing and turning between that, a Focusrite and the UAD... for the money the Audient won and I love it.
            If you are recording and can stretch to the UAD Quad though..... well worth it.
            Good luck!

            Pat Bradley

              After some serious tossing and turning, I did end up with the Audient iD44. So far I'm very satisfied. I wasn't convinced I would actually hear a difference, but I do. Thanks for the help.

              Kevin Trace

                Bought one this month. Suits me just fine. Looked at several others UAD, Focusrite,,,etc, but the UAD plugins are really I went with the good mic pres and functionality and expandability and chose to keep my plugin alliance and slate digital plugin subscriptions for now. Also bought a pair of Kali LP-8 and a slate digital ML-2. Still testing them out but pretty happy with the purchases.

                Michael Lobb

                  Also have iD44 and it's really sweet.

                  Andreas Bryntesson

                    i bought the id44 a few months ago and i also really like it.

                    i had a specific requirement, when i was looking to replace my rme babyface.

                    it has to be ipad compatible, cause i record all my vocals on my ipad.

                    that narrowed down my options a lot.

                    the rme babyface is great, but it was always a little bit too complicated for me and i often struggled with something, to get it set up properly for recording.

                    the id44 is much easier to handle and no problems at all, so far.

                    the only things that are better with the babyface (imo), is the small size and the frequent driver updates.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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