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    Robert McClellan

      Does anyone know of a reputable place to find Artist/Producer contract templates?

      Wayne McAloon (Beatpoet Music)

        Hi Robert

        Do you have a professional body for musicians in the US? Here in the UK we have a couple of organisations (Musicians Union) and the (Incorporated Society for Musicians) that musicians can join. If you are a member you can access lots of advice and also legal document templates, contracts etc. Would this be possible for you in the States? Do you have an equivalent organisation that you could maybe join?

        Also, the "Music Managers Forum" publish an excellent book called "The Music Management Bible" which covers lots of details regarding contracts, record deals, publishing deals etc. It really is excellent. Might be worth a look.

        Hope that helps

        Robert McClellan

          You know, now that you mention it. I believe there is a Musicians Guild of some sort here in the states.

          Not sure why I didn’t think of that.

          Thanks man! That actually helps out a ton.

          I ran across my first real altercation with the father of a client. He was pulling some shady stuff and I called him out about it. Of course he threatened to sue??

          I know there was no grounds for that but at the same time it made me think. I probably need to get something in place just in case.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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