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      Today, I stumbled across an article from a German newspaper oriented mainly on economics and business titled “How Spotify changes the music and festival industry forever - Spotify turns the industry around: Instead of singles and albums, playlists decide on the success of artists. Insight into the new music world.” ( I dare to mention it, because of two reasons: 1. The Google translation into English is quite OK with only a few funny translations, and 2. I found it very interesting, although it mainly focuses on the German Hip Hop market. Unfortunately, for copyright reasons I cannot publish a proof-read Google translation. If you’re interested, you need to translate it yourself. In Chrome it’s probably just a single click with the mouse.

      Just some of the statements, of course, taken out of context:
      - the article is about a playlist called “Modus Mio” for German Hip Hop created and maintained by Spotify with currently a little over 1M followers.
      - parameters used for determining what’s on the playlist include: Daily Active Users (of the playlist), Plays (of a specific song), Skip Rates (listening of 30s or less), Average Completion Rate, and Average Playtime of the playlist.
      - Example: If the Daily Active Users drops, the responsible editor of the playlist will consider replacing all songs older than 4 weeks
      - length of intro (before the vocals) dropped from 20 seconds (average from 1985-2015) to 5 seconds today
      - current bench mark: “Cherry Lady” by a rapper called “Capital Bra”: length 2:16, intro 8 seconds
      - tendency to have an artist publish individual songs before even considering releasing an album with the already published songs and probably some further songs

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