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      I was wondering what songs inspire people and their arrangements.

      Here's mine.

      Tom Waits - Singapore

      I like it because its so raw, and also because my mom's from Singapore 🙂

      Joanna Newsom - Sapokanikan

      I listened to this song on my way to the grocery store today and I absolutely delighted in a close listening to all its parts. Its just beautiful song making.


      Anders Isberg

        I often go to Tom Waits for inspiration. Rain Dogs is a masterpiece. Can't believe it's been 30 years since it was realeased.

        I really liked the Joanna Newsom song too. Sound like she's been listening to Kate Bush quite a bit. The Dreaming and Hounds of Love are two of my all-time favorite albums.


          Thanks Anders, I will have a listen to your Kate Bush recommendations!

          Warren Huart

            Wow! 'Hounds Of Love' is a masterpiece! Bowie's 'Hunky Dory' and 'Scary Monsters', Peter Gabriel's albums as well always inspire me. Of course The Beatles and definitely Pink Floyd 'The Wall'...lot's of incredible music!


              Cool Warren! Thanks. Lots to listen to.

              Warren Huart

                You're welcome Lara! There's many more, but that's my starting point!

                Steve A

                  Oh yes, Tom Waits for sure!
                  'Bone Machine' is my fave, but all are great ...what an original work that guy is..
                  That and his wife Kath, is just a jem. It was her who urged him to listen to more Captain Beefheart (another hero, as is Zappa) She also secured the collaboration with Keef that can be heard on numerous tracks.

                  Big Bowie fan myself, love Diamond Dogs.. Rebel Rebel was the hit of that album, but to me it pales in comparison to the whole concept which is that album's best trait. From Future Legend to Big Brother, the whole thing is a masterpiece!

                  Pink Floyd 'Animals' is another, loosely based on Orwell's Animal Farm, describing societal classes in such a brilliant way, as Waters always did.. Plus the woven pattern of the music that encompasses it, just awesome. They don't make 'em like that anymore!

                  Modern day? Not so much.. 2015 was the very first year that old 'catalog' releases outsold new ones, a sad truth.
                  But I do enjoy the heavy, and heavily progressive, Tool. Lots and lots of depth there. From the musical arrangements to the lyrics.

                  Tip of the iceberg of what inspires my arrangements, I could, but won't.. go on and on..haha


                    I love the seemingly simplistic brilliance of the early AC/DC records but also love the the complex rage of thins like Mastodon's "The Hunter".

                    New prog like Steven Wilson's incarnations and perhaps Opeth are very interesting sonically

                    Goes without saying (well to me anyway) that Physical Graffiti is just a brilliant display of many sounds, ideas and inspirations - can't remember who recorded that however 😉

                    Steely Dan ? Obsessively brilliant (there is some phenomenal stuff on youtube where they talk about mixing Peg etc) - Night by Night and Godwhacker are two superbly crafted and possibly less well known tracks.

                    If it's energy I want to think about - Live at Leeds anyone ? Who?

                    ..and for majesterial madness - has to be Warren's fave- Queen - Spread Your Wings from News of the World to me is such a masterclass in emotional manipulation.

                    Well that's Tuesday's answer anyway - tomorrow will be different...


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                    Anders Isberg

                      I'm also a long time fan of Peter Gabriel's work. Love this one for the dynamics, songwriting, vocals and the great bass line by John Giblin.


                      Daniel Lanois is another favorite, both as an artist and producer.


                      To get inspiration for vocals, acoustic guitar sounds and songwriting I often listen to James Taylor. This old classic also has a fantastic bass part by Lee Sklar.


                      And this is of course pure inspiration.


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                        Warren: Feel free to post more as they pop up 🙂

                        3rdstone: I"m looking forward to listening to your suggestions. There's so much to listen to!

                        C: I will listen with openess, but your tastes are definitely beyond what I usually listen to.

                        Anders: Daniel Lanois used to produce records in Grant Avenue studio in my hometown, Hamilton Canada. I actually lived on Grant Ave. for a while 🙂

                        Cris Sabater Sabater





                          If you like Rock then for me these songs always work as inspiration! Great arrangements by great bands!




                            Hey Cris!

                            Thanks for sharing. Jane's addiction has a lot of energy. And Alice in Chains is very warm and intimate. I remember those were favourites of my brother. I will definitely listen more.

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