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    face (chris) Janton

      I am trying to corral all my audio libraries. I have Studio One and IK Multimedia libraries moved, 350GB back! Maybe time to move Logic as well.

      I *always* copy sounds into my projects for portability, so having the library external shouldn't be an issue. I hope.

      Guido tum Suden

        I've got 3 SSDs installed.
        1 TB for MacOS + Logic + Libraries
        500 GB for my projects
        500 GB for other sound libraries like Kontakt, LABS …

        face (chris) Janton

          I have a 1TB SSD on the way. Will be installing macOS, and all the music tools.

          Wes Chilton

            I have all of my sound libraries and Logic's instruments AND Plugins on a 2TB Samsung T5 SSD (USB C). It works great, but you do have to sort of hack the Logic Application Support folder on your OS drive to point to your external drive with a shortcut.

            I use a second 2TB Samsung T7 drive (much faster!) for all of my Logic and Luna projects, which is also nice.

            David Emmins

              Yep - I have the Logic Sound Library on a USB Thumb Drive so it just lives in a slot on my MacBook and doesn't eat space on the internal SSD.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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