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    Andrew Mallison

      Hi my name is Andrew or mally to my mates.

      Location: Holme on spalding Moor, York, Yorkshire

      Bio: I've been recording, mixing and mixing live music for over 10 years now. Like a lot of people I started out playing guitar in rock bands, moving onto recording demos for those bands. I soon got the bug, which led me to build my own studio in my garage, consisting of control room, live room and vocal/amp room. Digital Secrecy is just a hobby at the moment.

      DAW: Cubase 10.5 Pro  AMD Processor with 32gb ram, running Windows 10 64bit.

      Audio interface: Soundcraft UI24R

      Favourite plugins: waves, sound toys and plugin alliance.

      Mics: Akg, senhiser, shure, Lewitt, audix

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