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    Andrew Johns

      My mediocre set-up in South Denver, CO

      I started playing drums/percussion in middle school when I was about 10 years old. During my freshmen year of high school my Dad gifted me my first drum kit. I was also Drum Captain and "Equipment Lieutenant" all four years of high school.

      When I was 15 I bought a set of microphones and started recording my bands’ songs and jams. After high school I went to Gulf Coast State College and graduated from their Music Production Technologies program. During my time at college I helped found the student record label(Boundless Sounds), made the Honor Roll, and Dean’s List.

      Since college I’ve done gig-work as a Front of House Sound Engineer and I’ve recently begun founding my own media production business. I've been a fan of PLAP through youtube and I enrolled in the academy to help refine my skills, and hopefully to fill any gaps my experience/education may have left me with. I'm looking forward the academy experience!

      Drums/Percussion - 23 Years
      Piano - 5 Years

      Singing - 2 Years

      Synthesizers/Keyboard - 4 Years
      Music Production/Recording - 10 Years
      Inventory/Music Equipment - 6 Years

      **Associate in Science - Music Production Technologies**
      I've used many DAWS over the years but I've been using Ableton Live since 2016
      My recording and FOH Mixing experience has mostly been with heavy rock music. I also trade tracks with friends to produce electronic music.
      My favorite plugins at the moment are Waves' SSL G & E (this is mostly because I just bought them)
      I record onto an Asus laptop and I use a Mackie ProFX16(v2) USB interface to track and monitor. As for control surfaces I use a Novation Launch Control XL for general mixing and I use an Akai TimbreWolf(4-voice polysynth) keyboard for recording MIDI. That's a basic list of my I/O setup without being too exhaustive.

      I've done a pretty good job of making due with what I've got over the years, but recently I've decided to step up and take my business in a more professional direction. My present goal is to have a portable rack-mounted recording rig(probably with castors). To achieve this goal(with limited funds, as I am and always have been poor) I'm looking at getting a slant-top rack where I can mount my Mackie mixer with 6-8U of rack space underneath for gear. Gear is as follows : Power Conditioner(cause we gotta have stable electric), FocusRite Scarlett 18i20 Interface(lots of I/O, and doesn't break the bank), Tech 21 SansAmp RBI(to get that sweet, sweet bass sound), Behringer Ultra DI Pro(for any active DI needs), Art PDB4 Passive Direct Box(for any passive DI needs), Art TPS II 2-Channel Tube Pre(to have upgraded mic pre amps that are affordable), Behringer Power Play Head Phone Mixer(for a foldback mic, or live recording needs), and finally a DBX 266 Compressor/Gate(because compressors are infinitely useful).

      I have set up FaceBook and Instagram pages, but they are barren of content. I need to figure out what to do with them to be honest.

      ...and the one cool thing I have to say about my studio is that it's name has some history with a certain group of musicians. Years ago, I had a couch in my practice space so at some point we just started calling the practice shed "The Jam Lounge". After I moved, I've continued the tradition of keeping my jam space comfy. So when I finally decided to put a name to the studio, there was really one clear choice!

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      Reid Yamamoto

        Cool studio and I bet you know how to get the most out of it. You have such a strong music background and experience as a multi-instrumentalist (The kind of guy I love to hate LOL) and your studies in music production, that I predict there will be lots of great music coming from your studio soon.

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