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    Andrew Bell

      Hi, my name is Andrew Bell, and this is my studio:

      BIO: I am Canadian, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and by day I am an Acoustic Engineer. I have played in a few bands - drums and guitar, though I also play a few other instruments. I started being interested in recording when my high school band went to record at a "real" studio, but I only started really putting in the effort to learn a few years ago.

      My DAW of choice is Harrison Mixbus, and my Equipment includes:
      - Fender Tele, Epiphone Les Paul, HarleyBenton Strat
      - VOX AC30, Orange Micro Dark, Ashdown ABM400 amplifiers
      - Rhodes SeventyThree Stage Piano
      - Pearl Forum drumkit
      - Tascam US16x08 and Tascam US1641 interfaces
      - 2x GAProject Pre73 Mk3 and 2x JoeMeek ThreeQ outboard mic pres
      - WA76, KT-2A, and DBX166XS outboard compressors
      - EQP-KT and DBX215 outboard eq
      My Favorite Plugins are likely something from Waves or Soundtoys.
      I typically record rock music, but have recorded a broad spectrum between folk and metal.

      Equipment I have my eyes on currently:
      - Yamaha Revstar and Fender P-bass
      - Marshall Origin 20H amp head
      - Warm Audio WA412 and/or Warm Audio WA273 mic pres
      - Warm Audio WA-47 or Avantone CV-12

      Some original music here:

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