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    Mark Warner

      Alternate quick and dirty Vocal thickening and widening trick - back in the in between days before software became what it is today there was a stage where I used DPSs, combination hardware and software devices. I used an Akai DPS 16 Pro, where the pro stood for having the FX processing cards installed. These allowed you to use up to 4 FX process's at a time via sends or to process a track and print with an fx. As it was limited to 16 tracks at 44.1 (8 at 96) efficiency was always necessary. To thicken a main vocal I found I could duplicate the vocal and simply process it with a pitch corrector. Then mix the original and duplicate back together. This worked quite well as the pitch corrector would very slightly change the vocal pitch and add a 3 to 5 ms processing delay which also meant that the vocal could be widened as well by panning the two tracks left and right slightly. Phase cancellation was negated by the pitch corrector changing the frequencies slightly so the two tracks were no longer identical. I still use this sometimes as it is quicker than Warren's vocal thickening trick and has a different feel to the results so it's useful when time is short. In a DAW though you might need to switch off latency compensation on the pitch corrector to get this to work or use time corrector or delay.

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