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    Steve A

      (If this subject matter is in the wrong place, or inappropriate on the forum, feel free to move or delete.)

      Let's face it, it takes a lot of time to go through mixes on camera for Feedback Friday.
      But Feedback Friday is also one of the highlights of the week for many (I know it is for me), and arguably the most anticipated highlight of this whole thing we call the Produce like a Pro Academy.
      I learn so much listening to what Warren has to say about these featured mixes.

      However, the mixes that don't get featured are also of interest to me, I learn just as much from them, (kind-of)...
      While this place is still very new, and the number of entries is still relatively small, maybe the following could work?

      What my suggestion is, is to set aside, say, 5 minutes at the end of the FF video, to maybe briefly mention these non-featured submissions?
      Possibly just a few notes jotted down after listening (off camera) to them, just to give the submitter some sort of direction?

      Personally for me, I'd be happy with a comment like; "3rdstone...low-end is a bit much, vocal not centered enough, needs more panning automation to highlight instruments that should accentuate in parts of the on it and resubmit" Just something to go on, you know? Side note: While true that we all help each other as members, I also think that we are a bit reluctant to make blunt suggestions/criticisms, not wanting to appear antisocial etc. Also, I think the advice would be better taken if it were from an 'authority' on these matters..

      This advice could be very general and brief in nature, because mixes still need to be open to each persons interpretation, and also because Warren's time is obviously limited, but I think most members here would greatly benefit from even a quick and general 'nudge' in a 'better' direction...

      P.S. I hope I'm not opening the can of proverbial worms here, certainly not my intention. If someone else has a better idea, I'm all ears.

      Thanks for listening
      -Steve A

      Rich Zei

        Did you actually read my mind? This is almost exactly what I was thinking when I watched Warren's video.

        Steve A

          Haha!... Just a mild suggestion, syklopz...
          I really do hope they take and run with it...
          Even if they don't, maybe ask for volunteers here, who might be professionals themselves, to step up...
          Who knows..just throwing this out there...
          -Steve A

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